The Book

Mission in Contemporary Scotland

A Comprehensive Introduction to its Background, Context, and Practice

Mission in Contemporary Scotland is the first book to fully explore the theory, background, context, and practice of Christian mission in 21st century Scotland, providing church leaders and members with a comprehensive introduction to mission in a Scottish context.

The book is structured into three parts of three chapters each. Part I examines the background to contemporary mission in Scotland, exploring the missional meaning of Christian doctrine, historic understandings of the Church’s mission and the secularization of Scotland. Part II examines the national context of mission in contemporary Scotland, surveying our changed social situation, the growth of Scottish nationalism and the spiritual complexion of Scottish culture. Part III then turns to the practice of mission, exploring acts of service, new forms of evangelism and fresh expressions and the public witness of the Scottish Church.

Key Features
  • Uncovers the causes of church decline
  • Explains the theological basis of mission
  • Surveys the complex spiritual context of Scotland
  • Analyses online ministry and mission
  • Argues for the necessity of both service and evangelism
  • Examines the relationship between Christianity, Unionism and Nationalism
  • Analyses the evidence for and against fresh expressions of Church
  • Argues that the only future for the Scottish Church lies in closer inter-church partnership
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