Book Launch: Come and Join the Conversation!

I’m delighted to announce that there will be a book launch for MissIon in Contemporary Scotland on 14th October  on Zoom!

To book, head to: All tickets are free.

Chaired by former Moderator the Very Rev Martin Fair, this will be an opportunity to hear readings from the book, pose your own questions to the author, and listen to our panel members give their own take on the book and the state of mission in Scotland today.

We have an excellent panel of academics, practitioners and church leaders lined up for you. In alphabetical order:

Jenny Cornfield is leader of Soul Food, a Christian charity that serves homeless and vulnerable people but is ‘more than just a meal’, a way to find friendship, community snd support. She also helps to lead Mustard Seed, a fresh expression affiliated with St Paul’s and St George’s (Ps snd Gs) in Edinburgh

Fred Drummond is head of the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland. He served in the parish for many years and is an author on mission in his own right. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on church and society in Scotland, and he and his team frequently liaise with the Scottish and UK governments 

Doug Gay is Lecturer in Practical Theology at the University of Glasgow. He has served in both parish and university contexts, and has written extensively on fresh expressions, liturgy, the Christian case for nationalism and the reform of the Church of Scotland

Fiona Tweedie is the leader of Brendan Research, a research company that specialises in understanding the practice of the Church and the context of contemporary Scotland. She also works in the Church of Scotland offices, and is the driving force behind Statistics for Mission, a widely-used mission resource

To celebrate the launch of the book, we have five copies of Mission in Contemporary Scotland to give away! Just head to the Facebook event page ( and share it to your newsfeed with the ‘public’ option. If you don’t share it with the public setting on then you won’t be entered, as we won’t be able to see you’ve shared it!

Look forward to seeing you on the 14th October 🙂 

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